Attracting and Meeting Women

How many of you have typed how to meet women, talking to women or picking up women and have done so with no success? WELL LET ME TELL YOU SOMETHING I HAVE BEEN THERE!!!!!! Back in 1998, out of being a horny 18 year old I grabbed the latest issue of Rolling Stone, with a picture of Kate Winslet on the cover. As I flicked through pages I read an article about how you can MEET ANY WOMAN AND ATTRACT THEM. I was intrigued, especially when I saw his picture and saw that he looked like this:


I was curious, so I went online where he had a bunch of newsletters, I read his ideas and tried it out. Surprisingly to me I found my communication with women had improved. I held off til the following year and I purchased his basic course in 2000. It was a pretty huge course, 12 cassette tapes for those of you who remember those. IT MADE NO SENSE TO ME! I sent it back hoping I would get a full refund, which I did, and shortly there after I had a summer to remember.


I had a girl i was interested in that I worked with, she was into me to… I couldn’t pull the damn trigger soon enough, and when i did… she said it…. LET’S JUST BE FRIENDS!!!! She went back to her unemployed stoner boyfriend and here I was back at square one. I was serving at a banquet hall in my teen years, and I served a latin wedding, the sister of the groom was smoking hot! The groom tipped me $200 and tried to set the 2 of us up. We talked, danced, exchanged numbers. I thought I’d be cool and wait to call her… turns out we talked 1 time and never met up.


I had to get to the bottom of this! I browsed the web, and found a little ebook by a man named David DeAngelo called Double Your Dating. It only cost $20 so I thought what the heck. I just turned 21, and was having great success using his material I had learned from being cocky but funny when talking to women, and busting their balls, to being more confident. As I was making a little more money I reinvested in Ross Jeffries Home Study Course, and found AMAZING success utilizing his Unstoppable Confidence course. I met and got a number from a girl THE FIRST DAY I USED IT!!!

The years 2003-2005, were filled with lessons in my own personal growth. I began to search beyond one night stands and look for something more. At the end of the day, the game is exactly that. We date, we search, and grow upon the men we already are. It was around that time I read The Game by Neil Strauss. This book, along with David Deangelos Advanced Dating Techniques study course shot me into the stratosphere.

2006-2007 I partied with celebrities, bartended, and was a VIP in the Chicago night life scene. I was making great cash, and when you have the established social proof of slamming tequila shots with grammy winners you have access to a life style few can dream of, something that guy who was looking at pictures of Kate Winslet and Britney Spears, who was to shy to even talk to girls could only imagine.

I was going to night clubs with 6 different girls, all trying to see which one would leave with me. My 27th birthday party slash celebration to myself, consisted of 30 girls all dancing with me, buying me drinks and having a great time. It was an ego lifting extravaganza… soon after this I met the love of my life, as we’ve been together almost 10 years and married 7, with a son that is the light of my life turning 2 next month.





I owe it all to the studying I did, and not being afraid to try something new whether I approached a group of women acting feminine or opened a group of women asking for an opinion. Whats the next step for you?

Step one

Get out of your house and take some classes, be in the public, if you aren’t meeting people, not just women, you are letting times pass you by, nd you will regret it

Say hey to everyone if you are introverted, this will get you out of your shell and ge you ready to be out and about and meet new people.

Step two

At this stage, you are approaching women, jumping into whats unknown and taking chances. You are writing your own ticket, make sure to keep a personal journal, to keep track of whats working and what isn’t that way you have the ability to improve and a frame of reference for what does and doesn’t work for you.

At this point dating isn’t even a worry. You will be moving through the world as a confident man not afraid to do whatever he has to do to get what he wants out of life.

-Be Strong

-Be Confident

-Be the man

-When you want something move forward

-Never accept initial resistance

-Let her prove she can be the kind of woman she can be is the kind of woman you want to be with

-Never accept anything less than what you want

-ALWAYS BE HONEST AND SAY WHAT YOU WANT (Trust me on this one, more women are closer to our mindset than you may think, but if she is a girl that you truly desire, overwhelm her with passion and she will never want to let you go)

Those are my 8 commandments in picking up girls, as for products:

  1. David DeAngelo Advanced Dating Techniques-Great info and possibly the one product that I can say will getyour butt in gear and ready to meet women ASAP! Listen to at least 1 cd a day for the next 60 days and get ready for a lifestyle you only dreamed of!!! While I recommend getting the ebook first, Advanced Dating Techniques is a must for your library.
  2. 2. David DeAngelo Double Your Dating Ebook-The inexpensive guide that helped get me from zero to hero and collecting phone numbers on a daily basis. At one point when  I initially started using Davidsmaterial mixed with a little bit of my own personal charm I went on a 3 year streak of getting at least 1 phone number every night that I went out after work. IT WORKS!!!

3-The Game by Neil Strauss– The book that put the PUA world into the mainstream. The book about a mans 3 year journey in the world of picking up women that brought along TV shows, and  $10,000 workshops. If you are a newbie and have never got a product in terms of meeting women this is your most cost friendly option

It would be completely disrespectful if I gave no mention to the man who got me started on this journey. Ross Jeffries, is controversial, has butted heads with many faces in this community. But if it wasn’t for him I may have never gotten to reap the benefits that I have in my life. His Deluxe Home Study Course, contains many of the CDs that I listened to on expressway drives to Rockford, so I could listen to as much as I possibly could. His Unstoppable Confidence course, which helped me TREMENDOUSLY is available as a part of this course. His teachings will help you alter your state of reality. As for the patterning he teaches, view it as ways of improving communication. It may not be for everyone, but if you would like to improve your inner game check out his site, and see if it is something that could work for you.

If you feel any stumbling blocks are ahead of you, don’t worry David DeAngelo has it covered!

Meeting Women in bars and clubs If you feel uncomfortable in either of these areas which many men do this program is designed to help that man who feels out of place and show him how he can shine and enjoy the numbers game which is the nightclub scene. Can it be intimidating at first? Yes, but like I said earlier you can get a phone number EVERY SINGLE NIGHT! Your game will grow leaps and bounds

Cocky Comedy  Granted a lot of what is covered in this course is in David’s Double Your Dating, but if you are a linear, boring guy who quite frankly sucks at conversation and trys to avoid it at all costs yet would like to improve his dating life than this course will be great for you, to help you further bring out that funny, out going you underneath it all.

Meeting Women Online Personally I LOVED ONLINE DATING! Meeting women online always gave me the choice of whom I wanted to go out with and when I want to, There is a lot of awesome information in this one that will help you use the internet to screen out the unqualified and meet some awesome women! Best advice avoid any first responses longer than 2 paragraphs. Be interesting, funny, and set up a challenge to her in your email, that way she has to respond. Not saying use this as an opportunity to insult her, But If she’s wearing a Chicago Bears hat, say you don’t know if you can drink with a non Packer fan. These kind of responses will always get women joking back to you, and if they get mad… well you’ve just weeded out a crazy one lol

Approaching Women struggle with approaching women? Suffer from approach anxiety and shyness? This product will deal with that part of you that feels nervous to approach, and by the end you will be excited to get out their and see what happens on a consistant basis.

Though I talked a lot about David DeAngelo and Neil Strauss


So what are you waiting for? Get your ass out their and meet some women!!!