Ripped Mass Fitness Plan

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Workout 1


Lunges     2 sets of 12 superset with

Squats 1 sets up to 20 superslow repitition, 5-10 seconds down, 10 seconds up

Stiff Legged Deadlift      2 sets 8-12

Calf Raises 3 sets of as many reps as possible. All reps 10 seconds up, 10 seconds down

HIIT Cardio start at 15 seconds all out effort (sprints, jumping jacks, jump rope, burpees) 45 seconds brisk walk and repeat 10 times. You can each week up the difficulty til you’re at 45 seconds all out, 30 second brisk walk. The time frame doesn’t matter. Beginners could start in as little as 4 minutes and see results, advanced athletes could go as long as 20-30 minutes, with intervals personally I feel anything over 16 minutes is overkill. Don’t repeat this for more than 3 days a week post workout, Either before or after Cardio you can insert an ab exercise, Crunches, Scissors,or Leg raises will do. Do 2 sets starting at 10/15 reps and work up to 20 reps


Chest Shoulders Triceps

Flys superset with Flat or Incline Press 2 sets 6-15 reps (once again super slow and controlled on all sets, at that point the intensity is what matters and that you are no longer able to continue your set once the muscle is no longer able to complete a full rep)

Lateral raises superset with Overhead Press 2 sets 6-15 reps

DumbBell Extensions superset with Dips 2 sets as many reps as possible

15 minutes of HIIT Cardio, Ab exercise 2 sets of 15


Dumbell Pullovers superset with DumbBell Row   2 sets of 6-20 reps

Concentration Curls superset with Hammer Curls 2 sets 6-15 reps

15 minutes of HIIT Cardio, with 2 sets of Leg Raises 12-20 reps

Off Tuesday, Thursday, Saturday and Sunday

High intensity is ideal and will give you enough time to live your regular life, build a great body in as little time possible. Nutrition on point, Hard training and recovery is key. Here is some additional reading material in terms of High Intensity Training:

Mike Mentzer

High Intensity Training:The Mike Mentzer Way by Mike Mentzer and John Little

The Wisdom Of Mike Mentzer by John Little

Complete Book Of Weight Training by Mike Mentzer

The Mentzer Method To Fitness by Mike Mentzer

Heavy Duty by Mike Mentzer

Heavy Duty 2 by Mike Mentzer

Ellington Darden

The New H.I.T. by Ellington Darden

Dorian Yates

Blood and Guts by Dorian Yates

A Warriors Story by Dorian Yates

Inserted is a list of 10 books I’ve purchased over the years, whether your budget allows it check some of them out, I DON’T agree with some of Mentzers later philosiphies but like I say see what works for you. Dorian Yates guides will save you time and help you sculpt the physique of your dreams in as little time possible as well!

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