How To Find A Woman: A step by step guide to meeting a woman of your choice within the next 24 hours

Hey everyone, for those of your typing on your computer “how to meet women”, or easiest pickup line “STOP” and give me 100% of your attention. If you want success and choice in your dating life you have to stop and look at yourself and think “What do I want in a relationship?”. Do you want a girlfriend? a one night stand? maybe your future wife. Fact of the matter is women want the same things and do A MUCH BETTER job of it than we do. They are smarter than us in this aspect of life. Once you figure out what you want out of your meetings, I want you to get a notebook from your local walmart, target, etc. This will act as your seduction journal.

The importance of a journal is critical, because as we want to grow as men, we want our abilities with women to expand as well. Write down EVERYTHING that you do with women. I MEAN EVERYTHING!!! Especially if you are a novice, this is your best opportunity to learn, see what works best for you and what to discard. Now the first part of this journal I want to be dedicated to the attributes of a successful powerful you.

Close your eyes… picture yourself with a woman, in a business meeting, maybe sitting in front of a group of people like yourself. Watch it like it’s a movie. What does he say? How is his posture? How does his voice sound… pay attention to this. How do you sound when you have no limits? Jump into his body now in your head. How does it feel to be that powerful figure? How are you breathing? How are you walking? What are the differences between where you are at right now as opposed to being that person who is the star of your show?

Write down what steps you’ll have to take in your own opinion. I may not know whats exactly going on in your own head but I have a good idea of how you can move from where you’re at right now to where you want to be. Lets dedicate pages to 1 month, 3 months, 6 months, 1 year, 5 years… YOU ARE IN CONTROL OF YOUR OWN DESTINY!!! write down EVERYTHING you want to personally accomplish within these periods. Do you want to start working out? Do you want to get a better job? Maybe you want to have a girlfriend by the end of the month… well if that’s the case write it all down! And make sure you go over this list so that you are consistently making progress to your goals.

I thought this post was about meeting women? Hold On buddy! Were getting their. Problem is most guys say give me the pick up line!!!!! I want that line than her underwear is gonna fall right off and I’ll have sex every morning and night for the rest of my life! haha. Sounds pretty ridiculous right? This first part I am dedicating to you and getting the ball rolling since in my own personal opinion most men fall short somewhere in this catergory between having themselves together and their initial conversation. I was right their with you. I was 18, an awesome football and baseball player, but coming from a single mom, I didn’t have the answers alot of young men especially that were athletes had in terms of meeting girls. Also being bi-racial and from the suburbs, alot of the kids who were black, didn’t like me because they thought I was trying to be white, while most of the white kids in my school, had alot of money so I didn’t fit in with ANYBODY! It wasn’t til 1998, when I had my huge breakthrough.

I had just started my first job and it was kids from schools all around! Nobody knew I was a jock, nobody knew I came from very little money, I had a whole new group of people in front of me. It was that year I read a article in Rolling Stone, about a guy who was not handsome, not rich, but had the ability to get girls with his language. I was intrigued!!! I saved up a paycheck and bought his most inexpensive course. It made 0% sense to me and I returned it right away, soon after that I got into working out, and learning how to dance. By the time I turned 21, I was confident and excited and was actually getting numbers left and right. But something was missing, I got a phone number 3/4 days a week yet I wanted to get even better, so I purchased this guys deluxe course and I never looked back.

Through this course I learned about the power of a little something called affirmations. Think about what you’d like out of your dating life. Are you stuck at meeting women? What to do after you get the number? Not to sure what to do sexually. With affirmations it’s on you what you want to change. You can say “Meeting me is the best choice any woman can make”, “My sexual confidence grows each and everyday day their is no limit to what I can do”, make them as vivid and detailed as you want. Make sure that you make a list of 5-10 and repeat them to yourself 3 times every morning and night when you are in a private setting.

So are you ready for the good stuff? Check out Using Your Brain-For A Change and Frogs into Princes by Dr. Richard Bandler. I’ve gone into quite a bit of self help information, and would like to credit the founder of NLP, as well as take people looking for more change to a great source to help them. So where to go to meet and what to say in initial meetings. What kind of women do you want to meet? If you are looking for attractive younger women, you need look no further than most service industry, malls, coffee houses, and yes…. Nightclubs. I met a guy back in 2006, loved black women, but couldn’t find any in his area he would tell me, or when he did it was like find a needle in a haystack. I asked him how often he went to a local bar that did a hip hop Tuesday night and he told me bars and clubs weren’t his thing. Sometimes to get the things we want in life we HAVE TO STEP OUTSIDE OUR COMFORT ZONE. Fast forward, months later this guy, who was a corporate type was at this bar having a blast at this same bar.

‘Hey”, “We need a female opinion on something” or an observation, are my top 3 openers. Hey is ideal in 1 on 1 situations, your not going to get much afterwards, but if your somebody who is still feeling pretty shy, or awkward around women, “Hey” is simple, easy, and will get a conversation started. I once had a former coworker, who was very shy, around women, approach AN ENTIRE BAR on a friday night saying hey to everyone. It gets you out of your shell and you’ll realize women won’t throw drinks on you, or get mad, and it gets you out of your own head.

Opinion Openers are probably the best in my own personal opinion. In the pickup community the opinion opener, popularized by a guy named Mystery, gets you into any female setting, be it one woman at a perfume counter, a waitress at a restaurant, or a huge group of women. You’ll approach and say “Hey, quick female opinion on something, my friend over here is grilling his brain on what to do for his girlfriends birthday, they’ve only been together 2 months, so he doesn’t want to scare her and get her anything to nice, yet he doesn’t want to look cheap either. Opinions please” This gets women talking, one of their favorite things to do, listen, and at every chance you get make a cocky joke back to her to make yourself look uninterested, but not insulting.

These kind of openers start you on a great foot since you can joke around, laugh, and before the conversation stales out, you can go right into showing your interest in her. Once again, we’re not saying “Better serial killer, Ted Bundy or Jeffrey Dahmer, we’re making an opener that’s humorous and flexible in any and all situations. Like at a bar you can say “Quick opinion, I feel like a bit of an old man here (you can be any age and say this, most women will respond and be like you’re not old!) but I look at all these beers lists and I know maybe 2 of these beers, and thats just from my college days, what are some real good ones?” The point is to get her talking, get you cracking smartass jokes to her and reeling her back in so you can learn more about her.

The final opener I will put in here are observational openers. I used to use these in the club scene, in my younger days and would always get great responses. “Really? A skirt in a Chicago February?”, “Thats an awesome Hello Kitty backpack? do you have a matching shirt”, you’re going cocky, but you want to have a smile on your face so she feels that a-you aren’t insulting her and b-you are displaying a sense of humor, and showing you’re not like every other guy staring at her body parts, or using cheesy, played out pickup lines.

Once you have started the conversation, you can introduce yourself, be humorous, but not like you’re trying to get a response and ask sincere, genuine questions, without acting like you’re interviewing her. You have her talking, DON’T STOP! BUUUUUUT cut it off between 5-10 minutes. If you’re having a great time with her and you’re at a bar and you have rhythm, ask her to dance, if you’re at a bar, ask her if she’d like to have a drink with you. You show her that you are a confident man despite whatever is going on in your own head and that’s what she will see. You can also have an exit strategy, If she is with friends or vice versa, you can say,” I don’t have alot of time for you right now, but their is this awesome little bar, a city away from me, they have live bands every weekend, and the best beer garden you could ever go to, come join me” this shows her you’re a busy man and have alot going on but you would love to invite her to come along with you. Plus with you inviting her, you are not asking her out on the traditional date, and if things do go south you’re gonna have a great time, and if things go great you’ll both have a great time.

At this point you can also throw in “what’s your email?”, it’s unique and most women don’t expect this, I learned this from David DeAngelo, years ago, and let me tell you he was onto something. I can honestly say I have never not gotten a response. Plus most women have the auto response of no, or an excuse when you ask them for a number. NOBODY SAYS “CAN I GET YOUR EMAIL”.

At this point you can finish your drink (don’t mind me I liked grabbing a few beers in my day), and go on your way, Don’t lurk or you’ll freak her out, plus you will build anticipation in her for what’s going to happen when you see each other next. Be flexible, and realize every situation is different. If she’s super into you than DON’T LEAVE! If she’s with her friends walk away! That builds excitement in her and her friends as well, that they’ll tease her about and keep on her about. BTW if you can get her friends laughing, you are in unless you mess it up! So that’s the first part. We had fun, we laughed, shared some stories, future posts will follow. Thanks again and have a great weekend everyone!