Make Women Want You Review-My review of Jason Capitals System

 Having hung up my ways on singledom in the late 2000s, I still being a longtime member of the service industry see when guys just aren’t getting it. This industry is full of great information as well as fly by nights. I’ve seen alot of them, met alot of them, and gone out with them, so I know what it takes, and what the difference is between a man who can talk the talk but can’t walk the walk.

In interest of fairness, I figured I would get this ebook, and give it my own honest review. So here we go… Right out the gate I’ll tell you I give him a 3.5, the guy wrote a practical, inexpensive guide that will give you results, especially if you are in the developmental stages of learning the game. Men have a tendency to try to impress, talk themselves up thinking thats attractive, rather than making her work for it, work for you. The old principal of push pull, has been used for years, so you will learn some good skills in that sense of game.

You’ll get a good, common understanding of gaming… I would recommend however furthering your knowledge and checking out a group like Real Social Dynamics, their line goes from getting a solid foundation of confidence, to skill building, as well knowledgeable instructors who’ve been in this industry almost 20 years. Jason has some solid content, but like I say with working out, you have to have a mindset to try everything in order to find what works best for you.

Check out Jasons book, and enjoy, he has some solid reviews and seems to be one of the stars of the new pickup scene. I could see this working really well if you’re in the 21-30, demographic as well. Click on the link below for more information and keep learning.