My review of Sean Nalewanyj’s Body Transformation Blueprint

I am always very skeptical of products from fitness enthusiasts, being a former athlete and weight lifter myself, I found out about Sean Nalewanyj, via youtube a little bit ago. He is very knowledgeable, in the fitness world so I figured what the heck I will get his product.

The Ebook covers nutrition, training, cardio, progress tracking and supplementation. At over 200 pages, its not gonna be finished in 30 minutes, but it’s a thorough guide, so if you enjoy a step by step guide, you’ll enjoy it. So if you’re new to working out or advanced, he covers all details of your new fitness regimine.

The product will also give you 1 on 1 email coaching with Sean. He’ll usually get back to you no later than 48 hours which I thought was pretty cool myself. Having been weight training for over 20 years myself, he’s helpful, honest and loves what he does. All traits you should look for in a fitness coach.

I’d personally recommend this product, giving it 4 out of 5 stars, The current information era makes it very easy to become a new “fitness guru”, Seans obviously done his homework though. My personal advice is to READ EVERYTHING!!! Some guys like Arnold say you have to train 6 out of 7 days for 3 hours, Guys like Mike Mentzer, said 1 day for 10 minutes, learneverything and try everything to see what works best for you.