About Me

Hey Everyone, LaRocco hear welcoming you to a little something I like to call “Become The Dude”! So what is Become The Dude??? It all started when I was 12 years old and I was in the car with my grandmother, I was on my way home from school and I was listening to her Tony Robbins tape with her. “Who’s this guy” I said as my grandmother is like Tony Robbins. I only knew this guy as the super tall, positive infomercial guy, I remember listening and thinking this guy is BRILLIANT!!! As I was turning 17, I had just got my first job at a restaurant as a busboy. Being both a good looking kid and shy, I had realized was a double curse. I was prejudged as a jock, cocky, too good for kids when in all actuality, I HAD NO CLUE HOW TO COMMUNICATE WITH PEOPLE!!!

It was hear I borrowed my grandmothers copy of “Awaken The Giant Within” and was blown away, I started coming out of my shell, making friends and so on but something else was missing. It was around this time I read a article in Rolling Stone, about NLP. Neurolinguistic Programming is a tool for improving every area of your life as well as better communication with people. The article was about a guy who had used this material for success in his dating life. I saved up $400, and purchased his course. His self change work made extraordinary sense to a 20 year old, single, college student, like myself.

The road to self improvement is never ending, by 25, my dating life wasn’t something I was struggling at. I had started coaching a few guys, and was doing what I thought was making me happy. I bought my first house and car at 25, not bad for the child of a single mom, from a blue collar family. Fitness had fallen in my rear view mirror. Once a solid 205, I was flat bench 365, for reps… That was before I turned 21, and dove head first into the nightly game that was the bar scene.

2005 was the year I went all in, I had dropped down to 160, however I was starting to get self destructive. Alcohol, drugs, and women, was all I cared about. I had lost my license and had to leave a management position to wait tables at a low end steakhouse, since it was close to my house. That year I got back to basics, got behind a profitable bar again, I went on a 4 day workout routine that bulked me back up to 210 naturally by the summer of 2006, got my license and my life back.

Looking back as a married man and proud father I can remember where I was and how far I have come. The last many years I have witnessed so many products, so many items come and go. Some just trying to give you an illusion of your best self but here is some food for thought. The road to self improvement is never ending, and many sites out there are dedicated to one thing. Here I want to build a monument through an online store, dedicated to making all of us the best men that we can possibly be. Whether you feel you have an area in your life where you are lacking or you just want a refresher, to get you back to where you once were, or help you get to places you have never been. If this sounds like you, than you are whom I made this site for. Thanks again and have a great day! Learning awaits