Shyness and Social Anxiety system: My review of Sean Coopers product

Shyness and anxiety have been around for many years, books and products have been around for years and yet this is still an issue. Sadly as long as the money goes into money management and weight loss, these issues are something that will continue for years to come. So what is the answer?

I will give you 2 people, lets name one Justin and one Doug. Both men are the same age and best friends, they both go to college, getting jobs soon after. Justin meets some new coworkers, expands his social circle, stays active, as opposed to staying in his own head, joins a pool league, goes to the gym, meets a girl and buys a home, Doug, graduates gets a degree, works his job, loses contact with people, stays inside his own head, and still asks himself what if questions.

When you stay inside your own head you don’t take the chance for new opportnities to take place, and as easy as it may seem, you are actually hurting yourself by not taking the chance on what new people, and a busy life can bring to you. Both men are friends, yet totally different. Where do you lie? I was shy myself, til my work education class put me in the restaurant industry at 16. Funny job for a shy person to have right? I had to bust out of that shell real fast, but what’s funny is I enjoyed every second of it and can’t even remember the difficulty of coming out of my shell all those years ago.

This book gives you a step by step system where you are taking steps to beat out social anxiety, as opposed to taking years of medication, and still feeling the same symptoms. Its simple and to the point, it almost seems repetitive however it’s the authors way of drilling the key bullet points home. Many of us seek counseling and spend years trying to figure out the process. Here rubber meets the road and you can, through proper steps, counseling, and taking action come out on top in this battle many of us have to deal with in our daily life.

An additional step I wanna throw in is the power of affirmation. My grandmother was a huge Tony Robbins fan when I was growing up and I remember hearing him discuss the concept of putting it on paper and making it happen.  Think of 5 things that would bring great change into your daily life, be it relationships, better life, being more positive, etc

1-I take full charge on a daily basis, I am unstoppable

2-My anxiety doesn’t control me, I control it

3-When a problem appears, I see it as a bump in the road. I drive over it and keep doing what i am doing

these don’t have to be your affirmations but find a few things in YOUR life that you can put here. REPEAT THESE 5 TIMES IN THE MORNING WHEN YOU WAKE UP AND 5 TIMES BEFORE YOU GO TO BED UNINTERUPTED. Do this for a month.

Overall I will give this product 4 out of 5 stars. It’s a great read and will give you a great road map to follow on the road to self improvement and overcoming those internal voices we let control us sometimes.